Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does Realplay do?

A: Realplay delivers video of every swing, pitch, and catch that any player makes on a baseball or softball field. Our cameras capture every moment to help players improve, share their highlights with anybody, and hold on to memories.

Q: Where does Realplay operate?

A: Realplay operates at many different baseball and software tournaments, games, and events across the country. For a full list of events/games Realplay will be operating at in 2022, please visit https://app.realplay.us/reg/.

Q: How can I sign up for Realplay?

A: To sign up for Realplay, please visit https://app.realplay.us/reg/.

Q: What do clips become available after an event?

A: Realplay clips can be available with 24 hours after an event. Most events will take 3-5 processing days before video is available.

Q: Have any issues or questions?
A: Please click on the support beacon in the bottom-right corner of every page on our website or send us an email at hello@realplay.us.

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